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Category Archives: Kotlin

Phone validation is useful for users to check whether the number entered by the user is a valid number or not. If the user has… Read More
Volley is an HTTP library that’s used for caching and making a network request in Android applications. It is an HTTP library that makes networking… Read More
For understanding horizontal ListView in android, first, we have to know about list view in android. ListView is scrollable collection of views, where each view… Read More
Many android applications require functionality in which the user should be able to pick the color from the image which is present within the android… Read More
Color Picker is seen in many paint applications and is used for drawing some components and coloring them. In these applications, we can get to… Read More
Many times while building an android application such as using an audio player like a music player. We have to add functionality to add a… Read More
onTextChangedListener is a method that is called when text is edited or changed inside an EditText. TextWatcher is an essential class provided by Android Developers.… Read More
ImageViews are used to display images in different formats within the Android Application. We can display images within our Image View from the image file… Read More
After marking its 26th Anniversary, Java is still holding its position in this ongoing digital transition among this hefty list of trendy programming languages. When… Read More
Toggle Buttons are used in most applications. These buttons are used to perform multiple operations. Toggle buttons are seen used in many social media applications… Read More
A splash screen is mostly the first screen of the app when it is opened. It is a constant screen that appears for a specific… Read More
RecyclerView is used in many android applications to display the list of data within android applications. We can dynamically add or remove data from our… Read More
Android applications many times require the unique identity of the user while developing applications. This unique identity is used to identify the user of the… Read More
Many times in android applications we have to capture the current date and time within our android application so that we can update our data… Read More
VideoView is a UI widget that is used to display video content to the users within android applications. We can add video in this video… Read More

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