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REST APIS is available in plenty nowadays. As cryptocurrencies are a hot topic nowadays, there is always a need to compare the different cryptocurrencies and… Read More
In our day-to-day life, we are using android applications many times, many applications use calendars somehow, for creating a schedule or for creating reminders or… Read More
Many times while building an android application we want to place elements dynamically within our android application. We can place these elements by specifying their… Read More
AutoCompleteTextView is an EditText which is having features of suggesting what to write next . to show suggestions it uses a drop-down that can be… Read More
MongoDB is a NoSQL versatile database and it is widely used in software industries. Wherever there is no strict relational database relationship is necessary and… Read More
In Java, HashMap is used to store the data in Key – Value pairs. One key object is associated with one value object. Below is… Read More
You just created your app and invested a great amount of time, invested to get your app created, finally, you are just heading to publish… Read More
The concept of dynamic dropdown (or dependent dropdown) is exciting and challenging to code. Dynamic dropdown means that the values in one dropdown list are… Read More
ArrayDeque in Java The ArrayDeque in Java provides a way to apply resizable-array in addition to the implementation of the Deque interface. It is also… Read More
In android, Menu is an important part of the UI component which is used to provide some common functionality around the application. With the help… Read More
In Android, a ScrollView is a view group that is used to make vertically scrollable views. A scroll view contains a single direct child only.… Read More
Kafka Producers are going to write data to topics and topics are made of partitions. Now the producers in Kafka will automatically know to which… Read More
public boolean isUserAGoat() can be used to determine whether the user making this call is goat or not. This method always returns a false value… Read More
Prerequisites: Socket Programming in Java File Handling in Java This article describes a one-way client and Server Setup where a client connects, and sends the… Read More
A lot of funful REST API calls are available as open source. Suppose if we like to keep a name to our nears and dears,… Read More

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