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Version Name and Version Code in an Android application tell us about the current app version installed on the user’s mobile device. This information is… Read More
In any Android Application, there is only so much a user can do without an internet connection. All modern Android Applications interact with resources available… Read More
Many times while building Android Applications we require a unique identifier to identify the specific mobile users. For identifying that user we use a unique… Read More
Parameters are variables defined in the method declaration after the method name, inside the parentheses. This includes primitive types such as int, float, boolean, etc,… Read More
Switch is a widget used in android applications for performing two-state operations such as on or off. The switch provides functionality where the user can… Read More
ImageView is used to display image resources like BitMap or Drawables. ImageView class or android.widget.ImageView inherits the android.view.View class which is the subclass of Kotlin.any_class.… Read More
Passing an array to a function is an easy-to-understand task in java. Let function GFG() be called from another function GFGNews(). Here, GFGNews is called… Read More
Android applications use the Floating Action Button for prompting the user to perform some important action within the android application. Floating Action Buttons in android… Read More
In Android, a TextView is a primary UI element used to display text present in the form of numbers, strings, and paragraphs. However, for a… Read More
Android ImageSwitcher is a user interface widget that provides a smooth transition animation effect to the images while switching between them to display in the… Read More
In Android, TextSwitcher can be very useful for showcasing texts in an animated manner. TextSwitcher can be considered as a special version of ViewSwitcher. Its… Read More
View in android is an area of the screen which is responsible for drawing and event handling. The layout is a collection of views. It… Read More
ScrollView is a very essential part of Android App Development and can be seen in almost every Application. One of the most popular areas where… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how we can add a back button to an activity through which we can go back to… Read More
Neumorphism is a design concept used to make soft widgets based on object shadows. It uses highlights and shadows to create elements that appear to… Read More

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