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Length and capacity are two different things in Java. Length basically increases when characters are appended to the string whereas the capacity increases when the… Read More
Java data types can be categorized as primitive and non-primitive. Primitive data types contain a single value, whereas non-primitive data types contain an address of… Read More
In general, the term “Session” in computing language, refers to a period of time in which a user’s activity happens on a website. Whenever you… Read More
E-mail is considered the most secure, reliable, fast, and cheapest way of official communication over the internet. That’s the reason every second almost 2.7M emails… Read More
ServletOutputStream class is a component of Java package javax.servlet, is an abstract class that provides an output stream to send binary data to the client.… Read More
The public service(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) method in the servlet component should extend HttpServlet (AC). It allows the browser to refresh the web page when… Read More
Thymeleaf is a Java library, template engine used to parse and render the data produced by the application to template files – thus providing transformation.… Read More
Thymeleaf is a sever-side Java-based template engine for both web and standalone environments, capable of processing HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS and even plain text. It… Read More
The element ‘load-on-startup‘ is used to load the servlet. The ‘void init()‘ method of servlet gets executed when the server gets started. The element content… Read More
ServletInputStream class is a component of Java package javax.servlet, It is an abstract class that provides an input stream for reading binary data from a… Read More
As we all know, with the change of technology, the world of digitalization is getting smoother day by day. Talking about Java, the language has… Read More
In Java, we can connect to our database(MySQL) with JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) through the Java code. JDBC is one of the standard APIs for database… Read More
The emptySortedMap() method of Java Collections is used to get a map that has no elements. A Sorted map is a data structure that can… Read More
The checkedQueue() method of Java Collections is a method that returns a dynamically and typesafe view of the given Queue. Any attempt to insert an… Read More
The emptySortedSet() method of Java Collections is used to get the set that has no elements. This method is used in set collection. A set… Read More

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