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Category Archives: Go Language

A struct (Structure) is a user-defined type in Golang that contains a collection of named fields/properties which creates own data types by combining one or… Read More
Two or more processes executing in a system with an illusion of concurrency and accessing shared data may try to change the shared data at… Read More
In Golang, we can return multiple values at a time from a single function. Multiple return values can be achieved by changing the return type… Read More
A Regular Expression (or RegEx) is a special sequence of characters that defines a search pattern that is used for matching specific text. In Golang,… Read More
Variable is a placeholder of the information which can be changed at runtime. And variables allow to Retrieve and Manipulate the stored information. There are… Read More
Functions are generally the block of codes or statements in a program that gives the user the ability to reuse the same code which ultimately… Read More
strings.IndexFunc() Function in Golang is used to returns the index into s of the first Unicode code point satisfying f(c), or -1 if none do.… Read More
strings.ToValidUTF8() Function in Golang is used to returns a copy of the string s with each run of invalid UTF-8 byte sequences replaced by the… Read More
strings.IndexRune() Function in Golang is used to find the first index of the specified rune in the given string. It is defined under the string… Read More
complx.Inf() Function in Golang is used to returns a complex infinity, complex(+Inf, +Inf). TO use this function one must need to import the “math/cmplx” package.… Read More
Go language slice is more powerful, flexible, convenient than an array, and is a lightweight data structure. Slice is a variable-length sequence which stores elements… Read More
A struct is mainly a holder for all other data types. By using a pointer to a struct we can easily manipulate/access the data assigned… Read More
Go language provides inbuilt support for base64 encoding/decoding and has functions that could be used to perform operations on the given data using the base64… Read More
Go language provides inbuilt support for command-line parsing and has functions that could be used to define flags to be used with a command-line program… Read More
A structure or struct in Golang is a user-defined type that allows to group/combine items of possibly different types into a single type. Any real-world… Read More

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