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As per Wikipedia, race condition is defined as the condition of an electronics, software, or other systems where the system’s substantive behavior is dependent on… Read More
Recursion is a process in which a function calls itself implicitly or explicitly and the corresponding function is called recursive function. Go language supports special… Read More
Structure in Golang is used to store different types of data in one place. ‘struct’ itself is a user-defined data type. The syntax of ‘struct’… Read More
Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm which uses the idea of “objects” to represent data and methods. Go does not strictly support object orientation but… Read More
To fetch an Integer variable as String, Go provides strconv package which has methods that return a string representation of int variable. There is nothing… Read More
Inheritance means inheriting the properties of the superclass into the base class and is one of the most important concepts in Object-Oriented Programming. Since Golang… Read More
Polymorphism is the ability of a message to be displayed in more than one form. Polymorphism is considered as one of the important features of… Read More
Do you ever wonder about the sudden emergence and popularity of Blockchain? What is it? Well, Blockchain is literally a chain of blocks as the… Read More
JSON is a widely used format for data interchange. Golang provides multiple encoding and decoding APIs to work with JSON including to and from built-in… Read More
In Golang when we want to remove the duplicates not considering any particular order as the initial values, we make use of Mapping in Go… Read More
To read a file line by line the bufio package Scanner is used. Let the text file be named as sample.txt and the content inside… Read More
Structs consist of data, but apart from this, structs also tell about the behavior in the form of methods. Methods attached to structs is very… Read More
We can get the current date and time with a timestamp in local with the help of Location() function and other timezones in Golang with… Read More
Template in Golang is a robust feature to create dynamic content or show customized output to the user. Golang has two packages with templates: text/template… Read More
Go language provides inbuilt support for base64 encoding/decoding and has functions that could be used to perform operations on the given data using the base64… Read More

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