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Category Archives: Flutter

The syncfusion_flutter_charts library in Flutter is used to handle charts. Charts can be very useful while depicting data in visual form. These packages come with… Read More
In Flutter, Shimmer is used to add beautiful animations while content is loading from the servers in an application. This makes the UI look more… Read More
The Expansion Tile Card works similarly to that of the Flutter SDK’s standard expansion tile. But it uses the style used by Google itself in… Read More
The Animated Splash screen is used for a startup screen in a Flutter application. More or less all applications use them generally to show the… Read More
The Lazy loader is a wrapper to the ScrollView that enables lazy loading. It is very useful in situations where the application’s intent is to… Read More
In Flutter, the skeleton_text library is used to easily implement skeleton text loading animation. Its main application in a flutter app is to assure its… Read More
The grouped_list package in Flutter as the name suggests is used to create list items in different groups. This package also provides 3 specific functions… Read More
SliverAppBar is a Material Design widget in flutter which gives scrollable or collapsible app-bar. The word Sliver is given to scrollable areas here. SliverAppBar basically… Read More
The OctoImage widget in Flutter requires an ImageProvider to display images in an application. The images in the OctoImage widget can be supplied with a… Read More
Expanded widget in flutter comes in handy when we want a child widget or children widgets to take all the available space along the main-axis… Read More
Alert Dialog box informs the user about the situation that requires acknowledgment. Alert Box is a prompt that takes user confirmation. The very basic use… Read More
In Flutter, the page_transition package is used to create beautiful page transitions. It provides a wide range of effects that can be used from moving… Read More
Slidable in an application can be used to perform a wide range of tasks with just a simple swipe to either right or left on… Read More
The Wakelock package in Flutter is used to keep the screen awake while using it. It can be adjusted according to the requirements (how long… Read More
AppBar is usually the topmost component of the app (or sometimes the bottom-most), it contains the toolbar and some other common action buttons. As all… Read More

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