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Category Archives: Flutter

IgnorePointer is a built-in widget in flutter which is similar to the AbsorbPointer widget, they both prevent their children’s widget from pointer-events which are taping,… Read More
AbsorbPointer is a built-in widget in flutter which absorbs pointer, in other words, it prevents its subtree from being clicked, tapped, scrolled, dragged, and respond… Read More
Along with building a UI in Flutter, we can also integrate it with the backend. Most applications use API to display the user data. We… Read More
Flexible is a built-in widget in flutter which controls how a child of base flex widgets that are Row, Column, and Flex will fill the… Read More
Giffy Dialogs is a highly customizable alert dialog box. It is implemented through the use of giffy_dialog package from flutter. This package is entirely written… Read More
The expansion_card package is used to easily implement Expandable cards in Flutter.  Images and GIFs can also be used as a background to enhance the… Read More
Marquee is a flutter widget that scrolls infinitely. It pauses after each round of scroll and has features like duration, curve and is highly customizable.… Read More
Stack widget is a built-in widget in flutter SDK which allows us to make a layer of widgets by putting them on top of each… Read More
Tooltip is a built-in widget in flutter based on material design, which displays a textual description of the widget in a floating label when a… Read More
Dots Indicator can be used to Show an increment or decrement to a value in a Flutter application through the UI. Moreover, it can also… Read More
Customizing an application for a better user experience requires data storage of each individual user based on their preferences and interests. But profiling each and… Read More
The flutter, syncfusion date range picker is a widget that is used to select single or multiple dates along with the range between two dates.… Read More
The syncfusion_flutter_charts library in Flutter is used to handle charts. Charts can be very useful while depicting data in visual form. These packages come with… Read More
In Flutter, Shimmer is used to add beautiful animations while content is loading from the servers in an application. This makes the UI look more… Read More
The Expansion Tile Card works similarly to that of the Flutter SDK’s standard expansion tile. But it uses the style used by Google itself in… Read More

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