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Category Archives: Flutter

Flutter is an amazing tool for developing cross-platform applications using a single code base. While Flutter is useful, it gets even better when you add… Read More
Card is a build-in widget in flutter which derives its design from Google’s Material Design Library. The functionality of this widget on screen is, that… Read More
Carousel Slider is one of the most popular image slider used nowadays in most apps. These Carousel Sliders are mostly seen in various eCommerce sites… Read More
BoxConstraints is a built-in widget in flutter SDK. Its functionality is to add sized constraints on its child widget. It is usually taken as the… Read More
Checkbox in flutter is a material design widget. It is always used in the Stateful Widget as it does not maintain a state of its… Read More
Banner widget comes built-in with flutter API. It is somewhat similar to the debug banner that we are used to seeing on the top-right corner… Read More
SizedBox is a built-in widget in flutter SDK.  It is a simple box with a specified size. It can be used to set size constraints… Read More
Padding widget in flutter does exactly what its name says, it adds padding or empty space around a widget or a bunch of widgets. We… Read More
BoxDecoration is a build-in widget in flutter API. At a bare basic level, it describes how a box should be painted on the screen. The… Read More
Staggered Grid View is a type of layout that is used to display images and posts. As you see in various social platforms such as… Read More
BorderRadiusDirectional is a pre-built widget in flutter. Its functionality is similar to the BorderRadius widget, which is to add a curve around the corners of… Read More
Progress Indicator in any application displays the time which is needed for some tasks to complete such as downloading, installation, uploading, file transfer, etc. This… Read More
BoxShadow is a built-in widget in flutter, whose functionality is to cast shadow to a box. The BoxShadow widget is usually used with BoxDecoration. In… Read More
The Circular Reveal Animation in Flutter is inspired by ViewAnimationUtils.createCircularReveal(…). It does exactly what the name suggests, meaning it is used to reveal content generally… Read More
The dialog is a type of widget which comes on the window or the screen which contains any critical information or can ask for any… Read More

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