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Category Archives: Flutter

Empty widget is the flutter widget that is mainly used to notify the user about some event, Like if we are fetching the data from… Read More
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While Loading the data user needs to wait a while, During this time we can show the loading circular in Flutter Applications. Flutter is awesome… Read More
ChoiceChips represent a single choice from a set. Choice chips contain related descriptive text or categories. Choice chip can be used in selecting the categories… Read More
Folding Cell is the Flutter Widget that can be fold and unfold, It uses the frontWidget to show the front data, and the innerWidget to… Read More
If you need a Calculator in Flutter or need to do a small calculation in your flutter application, Writing your own code going to be… Read More
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The text field is widely used in Android Applications for taking user input, using TextEditingController we can retrieve the data from the text field. A… Read More
A Flutter widget for quantity input. Increase or decrease the input value by pressing the button. Built with a text field, InputQty also supports typing… Read More
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Every Flutter app has a package name that uniquely identifies your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In this article, we… Read More
There are many applications that do not allow taking screenshots of the screen for security purpose and other security, Like Google Pay – Screenshot is… Read More
Sometimes you notice that we have to change the App title in Android, and iOS apps, and the title for flutter web during or after… Read More