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Metadata basically is a piece of data that tells us about the underlying piece of data. It is data about data. In the case of… Read More
Before talking about Layout in Flutter, there is just one thing to keep in mind that “Everything in Flutter is Widget”. Meaning the core of… Read More
Dart language provides a pre-defined data type called boolean which can store two possible values, either true or false. To declare a boolean variable in… Read More
Dart is a static programming language developed by Google. According to the GitHub popularity index, it became the most popular programming language as it actually… Read More
Collections are groups of objects that represent a particular element. The dart::collection library is used to implement the collection in dart. There are a variety… Read More
Exception is a runtime unwanted event that disrupts the flow of code execution. It can be occurred because of a programmer’s mistake or by wrong… Read More
TypeScript: It is an open-source pure object-oriented programming and compiled language which is developed and maintained by Microsoft. It has been influenced by JavaScript, Java,… Read More
Nowadays almost all the mobile application uses a dark theme, for example, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc. It’s easy to implement in Flutter, Just a few… Read More
User Interfaces (UIs) are a critical component in the achievement and agreeableness of applications and websites. Also, since UIs are about looks and plan dialects,… Read More
Local State (sometimes called UI state or Ephemeral State): It is a state which can be manageable in a single widget. There is no need… Read More
The main() function is a predefined method in Dart. It is the most important and mandatory part of any Dart Program. Any Dart script requires… Read More
3D objects are those objects which have 3 dimensions length, width, and depth. These objects provide a great user experience when used for various purposes.… Read More
In a reactive framework like Flutter, you can think of your UI as the function’s return value.  The function here is considered as your state.… Read More
When we build any dart application it takes time to execute for the first time. So to resolve this problem we have two features in… Read More
If you are a beginner and want to make some mobile apps, but you are confused about the technologies and frameworks for mobile app development… Read More

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