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Flutter is based on Widgets and Widget Trees. If you are new to Flutter, imagine Widgets as structures of Data or Classes of Data. And… Read More
In this article, we will look into how we can use state management or provider package for implementing state management in our flutter app.  We… Read More
Snackbar is a widget provided by flutter to display a dismissible pop-up message on your application. It is used to show users if certain actions… Read More
Flutter is an open-source User Interface SDK that is Software Development Kit. Flutter is an open-source project, and it is maintained by Google. This is… Read More
InkWell is the material widget in flutter. It responds to the touch action as performed by the user. Inkwell will respond when the user clicks… Read More
Dart is the open-source programming language originally developed by Google. It is meant for both the server-side and the user side. The Dart SDK comes… Read More
We can create bottomsheet in flutter. Basically, we have two types of bottomsheets in material design: Persistent and Modal. Bottomsheets are used when we want… Read More
The Swipe to dismiss feature is used by us in many mobile apps. In this article, we will create a list of items and implement… Read More
During the process of developing an app for both phones and tablets, it is standard practice to have different UI layouts for different screen sizes… Read More
Flutter and Blockchain This tutorial will take you through the process of building your first mobile dapp – Hello World Dapp! This tutorial is meant… Read More
We create Custom Widgets when we want a custom look and feel to our app, and we know that there will be a repetition of… Read More
Recursion in any programming language means a function making a call to itself. It is used to solve large complex problems by breaking them into… Read More
In Dart, by default collections are heterogeneous. However, by the use of generics, we can make a collection to hold homogeneous values. The use of… Read More
In Dart language, strings are simply a sequence of UTF-16 (16-bit Unicode Transformation Format) code units. The Unicode format maps a unique numeric character to… Read More
In Dart language, Constants are objects whose values cannot be changed during the execution of the program. Hence, they are a type of immutable object.… Read More

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