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Widget with side-by-side source code view. A static syntax highlighter widget that highlights code text according to the programming language syntax using native Dart code.… Read More
In every Android and web application you see the bottom navigation bar that will prettify our Application, But important it is used to show multiple… Read More
The Floating Action Button is the circular button that floats on the bottom of the  Application screen, It may perform many tasks like showing the… Read More
Fancy Bottom NavigationBar is a MaterialApp widget that displays a bottom fancy navbar, Where items go between 2 and 4. Bottom NavigationBar is the list… Read More
Email Validation is an important part of every application that uses authentication in the application. If we implement it making our own functions in native… Read More
Flutter apps may have multiple screens or pages. Pages are groups of functionalities. The user navigates between different pages to use different functionalities. Concepts like… Read More
You may sometimes need to find the coordinates of the widget in your Flutter Application, Here we are going to find the coordinate of the… Read More
Generally, every android and iOS application contains a List of items, for example, WhatsApp chats are an example of a list, also in Facebook messenger,… Read More
The Animated Bottom Bar widget provides extra links to navigate between different views. When an item is tapped, the onItemSelected callback is invoked with an… Read More
Bottom AppBar or Bottom Navigation Bar is mostly used in every Android IOS Application, Bottom Navigation Bar is an AppBar containing Tabs which is used… Read More
Nowadays Google Maps is one of the popular Applications for navigation or finding any Location. With this, we can find out the current Location of… Read More
Dart is an Object-oriented language and is quite similar to that Java Programming. Dart is extensively used to create single-page websites and web applications. The… Read More
Google Maps is one of the popular apps used nowadays for navigation or locating markers on Google Maps. We have seen markers on Google Maps… Read More
A DataTable is a material design used to display data on a table or in rows and columns.  A Data table is used to show… Read More
Google Maps is of the most used application nowadays for navigation. If search for any location our camera on Google Map moves to that position.… Read More

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