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Category Archives: C++

If is a type of condition checking in which a condition turns out to be true a block of statements is executed. Syntax: // if… Read More
Cend() is the function defined in C++ STL. This function produces a constant random access iterator that identifies the deque’s past-the-end element. If the container… Read More
Prerequisites: Structures in C++ Vector in C++ Structures are user-defined datatypes used to group various related variables into one single data type.  The structures can… Read More
Delimiters are used as separators between the characters or words in a string so that different results can get separated by the delimiter. In this… Read More
fork() is a system call that creates a child process from the parent process. Whenever we call fork() from the parent program, a child process… Read More
printf() function is originally declared under the <cstdio>header file. It prints the formatted string to the standard output stdout. Syntax:  int printf(const char*word, .......) Parameters:… Read More
Measuring elapsed time is a common requirement for most software development packages. It is used to determine the efficiency of the program and gives an… Read More
Prerequisites: Priority Queue in C++ Heap in C++ Min Heap and Max Heap  Priority_queue<template datatype> is a very famous STL Container generally used when we… Read More
Prerequisites:  Object Oriented Programming in C++ Vector in C++ Class is a user-defined data type that can be accessed by creating objects or instances of… Read More
Prerequisite: String in C++ String class is one of the features provided by the Standard template library to us, So it comes up with great… Read More
Several ways exist in which data (or variables) could be sent as an argument to a function. Two of the common ones are Passing by… Read More
A hexadecimal number is a number whose base is 16. has numerals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,… Read More
The sizeof operator is a unary compile-time operator used to determine the size of variables, data types, and constants in bytes at compile time. It… Read More
A singleton class is a special type of class in object-oriented programming which can have only one object or instance at a time. In other… Read More
Prerequisite: List in C++ Lists are sequence containers that allow non-contiguous memory allocation The following are the different ways to create and initialize a List… Read More

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