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Halting the program’s execution at the desired time for a specific duration is one of the most used features in a programming language. This is… Read More
C++ Map is another commonly used STL container, it stores elements in a mapped fashion. Each element is stored as a pair having a key… Read More
In terms of computer graphics, Scaling is a process used for altering the size of objects. It changes the coordinate point of the original object.… Read More
Prerequisites: STL in C++ Vector in C++ File handling in C++ The Standard Template Library (STL) is a set of C++ template classes to provide… Read More
Prerequisites: Set in C++  The C++ Standard Template Library offers containers called Sets. It functions essentially in the same ways as a binary search tree… Read More
Prerequisites: Pointers in C++ Container in STL There are different containers in C++ having their own features where if are adding extra functionality of pointer… Read More
Prerequisites: Map in C++ STL Since the map is not indexed as arrays or vectors sequential access is not possible in the map but to… Read More
Prerequisites: Set in C++ Pair in C++ The set in STL has the property that it stores only the distinct values in the sorted order… Read More
getchar( ) is a function that takes a single input character from standard input. The major difference between getchar( ) and getc( ) is that… Read More
Getting the list of files in a directory is one of the most common operations performed by the Filesystem of an OS. The file explorer… Read More
Prerequisite: Set in C++ There are multiple ways to remove an element from the set. These are as follows: Removing an element by its value… Read More
A vector is a type of container which can store objects of similar data type. Vector acts like a dynamic array where we can insert… Read More
Prerequisite: Vector in C++ Vectors in C++ are the same as arrays with dynamic sizes having the ability to resize themselves, we can insert and… Read More
Copy_n() is the C++ function defined in <algorithm> library in STL. It helps to copy one array element to the new array. Copy_n function allows… Read More
any_of() is the C++ function defined in <algorithm> library in STL. This function determines whether even one element in a given range satisfies a specified… Read More

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