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getchar( ) is a function that takes a single input character from standard input. The major difference between getchar( ) and getc( ) is that… Read More
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Prerequisite: Vector in C++ Vectors in C++ are the same as arrays with dynamic sizes having the ability to resize themselves, we can insert and… Read More
Copy_n() is the C++ function defined in <algorithm> library in STL. It helps to copy one array element to the new array. Copy_n function allows… Read More
any_of() is the C++ function defined in <algorithm> library in STL. This function determines whether even one element in a given range satisfies a specified… Read More
partition_copy is the inbuilt function defined in <algorithm> library in STL. partition_copy function duplicates the partitioned elements into the various containers given in its parameters.… Read More
Prerequisite: unordered_set() in C++ The max_bucket_count() is the built-in function defined in C++ STL. This function returns the maximum number of buckets that the Unordered… Read More
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Waiting for User input is common functionality in any program requiring some form of user intervention. Whether it is halting the execution to see the… Read More
Prerequisite: Unordered_set in C++ The last standard released in 2017 is C++ 17, C++20 is going to be the latest standard with many new features… Read More
strpbrk() is a string function in C++ STL that takes in two strings and finds the first occurrence of any character of string2 in string1.… Read More