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Category Archives: C++

Waiting for User input is common functionality in any program requiring some form of user intervention. Whether it is halting the execution to see the… Read More
Prerequisite: Unordered_set in C++ The last standard released in 2017 is C++ 17, C++20 is going to be the latest standard with many new features… Read More
strpbrk() is a string function in C++ STL that takes in two strings and finds the first occurrence of any character of string2 in string1.… Read More
The task is to hide and Show the console window of a C++ program. The program for the same is given below. Note: The results… Read More
Prerequisite: Chrono Library in C++ The task is to calculate the running time of a program in Microseconds in C++ Header file:   #include<chrono> The… Read More
The octal numeral system, or oct for short, is the base-8 number system and uses the digits 0 to 7, that is to say, 10… Read More
To convert String to size_t  in C++ we will use stringstream, It associates a string object with a stream allowing you to read from the… Read More
The full form of std is standard and it is a namespace. All the identifiers are declared inside the std namespace, in other words, a… Read More
__builtin_popcount()  is a built-in function of GCC compiler. This function is used to count the number of set bits in an unsigned integer.  Syntax: __builtin_popcount(int… Read More
Sets are the containers that are available in the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). They are used to hold distinct elements in a predetermined sequence; fundamentally, it… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to convert String To Float/Double And Vice-Versa. In order to do conversion we will be using the following… Read More
This article discusses converting a hex string to a signed integer in C++. There are 5 ways to do this in C++: Using stoi() function.… Read More
The getenv() function in C++ is used to return a pointer to the C string that contains the value of the environment variable passed as… Read More
C++ datatypes have a specific size, that is, the number of bits that each of them occupies is fixed. Sometimes while writing code, we may… Read More
An Exception is a run-time error, which occurs during the execution of a program, that disrupts the normal flow of the program’s instructions. For example,… Read More

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