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Prerequisite: Pointers in C++ A pointer variable is a variable that stores the address of another variable or in other a pointer variable points to… Read More
A Char datatype is a datatype that is used to store a single character. It is always enclosed within a single quote (‘ ‘). Syntax: … Read More
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Prerequisites:  Operators Operator Overloading Logical operators are used for combining two or more conditions or constraints or to complement the evaluation of the original condition… Read More
Prerequisite: Maps Maps are associative containers that store elements in a mapped fashion. Each element has a key value and a mapped value. No two… Read More
In this article, we learn how we can convert float to string in C++ using different methods:  Using the to_string() Using stringstream Using Macros Using… Read More
Here, we will see how to convert scientific notations to decimals using a C++ program. Example: 1e9 = 1000000000 1e9 = 1000000000.000000 Calculate power using… Read More
Obtaining the color information about the screen pixels is a common operation performed by automation software, which relies on activity on the screen. The process… Read More
Prerequisite: Basic operators in C++ Switch Case  Vector in C++ Class and Objects in C++ Trading is a primary economic concept that involves buying and… Read More
The using keyword in C++ is a tool that allows developers to specify the use of a particular namespace. This is especially useful when working… Read More
Random floating numbers can be generated using 2 methods: Using rand() Using uniform real distribution 1. Use of rand() We can generate random integers with… Read More
Prerequisite: Array in C++  The array is a type of data structure that can store data of similar data types. The most significant feature is… Read More
Prerequisite: Pointer in C++ Pointers are an essential part of the C++ language. It allows us to store the memory address of a variable. One… Read More
Several ways exist in which data (or variables) could be sent as an argument to a function. Two of the common ones are Passing by… Read More