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Category Archives: C++

Dynamic binding in C++ is a practice of connecting the function calls with the function definitions by avoiding the issues with static binding, which occurred… Read More
Pointer to structure in C++ can also be referred to as Structure Pointer. A structure Pointer in C++ is defined as the pointer which points… Read More
The function malloc() in C++ is used to allocate the requested size of bytes and it returns a pointer to the first byte of allocated… Read More
A function is a block of statements that together performs a specific task by taking some input and producing a particular output. Function overriding in… Read More
C++ developed by Bjarne Stroustrup is a cross-platform language used for creating high-performance applications. Where C++ has 1.8 million developers out of 20 million of… Read More
When you enter into the world of programming, C is the first step, but C++ (being fast) which is a superset of C is the… Read More
Arithmetic Operators in C++ are used to perform arithmetic or mathematical operations on the operands. For example, ‘+’ is used for addition, ‘–‘ is used… Read More
MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This technology provides transaction security, ensuring the correctness of bank cheques. MICR code makes cheque processing faster and… Read More
Competitive Programming is a mind sport where time matters the most. For that, a fast and easy-to-use tool is required for writing code. Sublime text… Read More
A cube is a 3-dimensional box-like figure represented in the 3-dimensional plane. Cube has 6 squared-shape equal faces. Each face meets another face at 90… Read More
Given two positive integers i.e, the length and breadth of the rectangle, the task is to find the length of the Diagonal of a Rectangle.… Read More
A Queue is a linear structure that follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. The order is First In First Out (FIFO).… Read More
C++ – the must-known and all-time favourite programming language of coders. It is still relevant as it was in the mid-80s. As a general-purpose and… Read More
pause() is a C++ method used to pause a program during execution. It allows the user to input or read data. The pause approach makes… Read More
A program must be terminated once its stated objectives have been met. Like any other language, C++ offers a variety of ways to terminate a… Read More

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