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Printing string literals and QString with QDebug in C++ can be a useful tool for debugging. By printing out the contents of a string or… Read More
In CPP Qt5 has a QString class for working with strings. It is very powerful and has numerous methods, A Unicode character string is made… Read More
Stack size is a crucial aspect of C/C++ programming that determines the amount of memory available for storing function call frames and local variables. In… Read More
Writing C++ programs yourself is the best way to learn the C++ language. C++ programs are also asked in the interviews. This article covers the… Read More
The Standard Template Library (STL) is a set of C++ template classes that are used to implement widely popular algorithms and data structures such as… Read More
Functors in C++ (also known as function objects) are objects that can be treated as if they are functions. They can be called a function,… Read More
C++ Programming Language is a powerful, versatile, and compiled language, which means the source code is converted into machine language before the execution. In order… Read More
In C++, the std::bind function is a part of the Standard Template Library (STL) and it is used to bind a function or a member… Read More
Given an array of numbers, the task is to print all the even elements of the array. Let us understand it with few examples mentioned… Read More
Prerequisites: Functions in C++ Map in C++ Maps in C++ are a very useful data structure for storing key-value pairs. A map is the best… Read More
The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) provides a variety of useful classes and functions for working with data structures, including the  std::string class for manipulating… Read More
Given an array arr of integers of the size of N, our task is to find the count of positive numbers and negative numbers in… Read More
C++ is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T Bell Laboratory. It is a high-level… Read More
Exception Handling is one of the most important topics from the C++ Interview perspective. Exception handling is an effective means to handle the runtime errors… Read More
A bank account number is a unique number that is assigned to the account holder after opening their account in any specific bank. In technical… Read More

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