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Category Archives: C++

Technical Round 1 (1hrs) Note: expected production-level codeDSA Round: Following questions were asked find x to power y.(later asked me to write down the code… Read More
Although there are numerous programming languages available in the market to work upon, but C++ has never lost its charm since its inception and still… Read More
What is a Map? Before learning the data structure used by a map, let us have an overlook of map. Map is the part of… Read More
Here, we will see how to multiply two floating-point numbers using the C++ program. Below are the examples: Examples: Input: A =1.2        … Read More
Given the value of R(number of rows), write a C++ program to print the Inverted Hollow Pyramid using stars and white spaces. Examples: Input: R… Read More
Given an integer array of size N, the task is to traverse and print the elements in the array. Examples: Input: arr[] = {2, -1,… Read More
To copy the text/contents of one file to another file, we should know the basics of reading and writing a text file in C++. To… Read More
The exchange() function is a built-in function in C++ 14 defined in the <utility> header. The exchange() function copies new value to old value and… Read More
Here, we will see a C++ program to print the 3 different number patterns. There are 3 number patterns covered using for loop and while… Read More
What is a leap yaer? A year consisting 366 days is a leap year.  How to identify a year is leap or not: A year… Read More
Given a string of operations containing three operands for each operation “type of command“, “first operand“, and “second operand“. Calculate all the commands given in… Read More
LCM (Least Common Multiple) of two numbers is the smallest number which can be divided by both numbers. For example, LCM of 15 and 20… Read More
Given a number, check whether it is even or odd. Examples:  Input: 2 Output: even Input: 5 Output: odd Recommended Practice – Odd Even Problem… Read More
Given a Temperature n in Fahrenheit scale convert it into Celsius scale. Examples: Input: 32 Output: 0 Input: -40 Output: -40 Recommended: Please try your… Read More
C Programming Language is mainly developed as a system programming language to write kernel or write an operating system. C++ Programming Language is used to… Read More

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