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Category Archives: C Language

The wcsspn() is a built-in function in C/C++ which returns the length of maximum initial segment of the wide string that consists of characters present… Read More
This directive is a special purpose directive and is used to turn on or off some features. These types of directives are compiler-specific i.e., they… Read More
The mbsrtowcs() function in C/C++ converts a narrow multibyte character sequence to a wide character sequence. It converts the multibyte character string whose first byte… Read More
Given an image in PGM format and the task is to invert the image color (making negative) content in PGM format. Prerequisite: c-program-to-write-an-image-in-pgm-formatPGM image represents a… Read More
The getopt() function is a builtin function in C and is used to parse command line arguments. Syntax: getopt(int argc, char *const argv[], const char… Read More
Whenever we use const qualifier with variable name, it becomes a read-only variable and get stored in .rodata segment. Any attempt to modify this read-only… Read More
The mbrtowc() function in C/C++ converts multibyte sequence to wide characters. This function returns the length in bytes of a multibyte character. The multibyte character… Read More
The mbrlen() function in C/C++ determines the size in bytes, of the remainder of the multibyte character whose first byte is pointed to by str,… Read More
The wcspbrk() is a built-in function in C/C++ which searches for a set of wide characters present in a wide string in another wide string.… Read More
The wcsrchr() function is a builtin function in C/C++ which searches for the last occurrence of a wide character in a wide string. It is… Read More
In computer programming, data type is a classification that specifies to compiler or interpreter which type of data user is intending to use.  There are… Read More
Given N, the number of digits of an integer which is greater than or equal to 2 and a weight W. The task is to… Read More
What do you think happens when you use an uninitialized primitive data type? Well you may assume that the compiler should assign your primitive type variable… Read More
Prerequisite: Zombie and Orphan Processes in C Zombie Process: A zombie process is a process that has completed execution but still has an entry in… Read More
Shortcode is ideal in competitive programming because programs should be written as fast as possible. Because of this, competitive programmers often define shorter names for… Read More

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