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A class library file is a collection of classes and namespaces in C# without any entry point method like Main. Once we create a class… Read More
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set of language and rich library features provided by C# for writing consistent and intuitive syntax for querying data… Read More
In this tutorial, we will be seeing how to install NuGet packages in C#. NuGet is the official package-manager for .NET. Packages are basically compiled… Read More
A group of technologies known as Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is built on the direct integration of query functionality into the C# language. The query expression… Read More
A type-safe function pointer is a delegate. It means that the delegate contains a reference to a method or function, and that when we invoke… Read More
To keep data secure and protected it is necessary to keep the data encrypted. As we know that in C# and in other languages too… Read More
Linked List linear collection of objects called nodes that are stored in the memory at random addresses. The first node is a special node named… Read More
To illustrate User Authentication using C#, We will go through the Sign-Up and login functionality. Firstly the user needs to make an account (Sign UP)… Read More
UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. It is a connectionless protocol. When you send data or message, you don’t know if it will get there,… Read More
IDisposable is an interface defined in the System namespace. It is used to release managed and unmanaged resources. Implementing IDisposable interface compels us to implement… Read More
At the point when the server program is run, it will demonstrate at which IP it is running and the port it is paying attention… Read More
Windows Services is a core component of the Microsoft Windows NT operating system that allows the creation and regulation of processes. Windows Services can start… Read More
Events and event handlers are generally used in case of a Publisher-Subscriber design pattern where some kind of event has occurred in a particular class… Read More
C# makes the concurrent execution of a code possible with the help of threads. The namespace System. Threading which is pre-built in C# supports the… Read More
In this article, we will explain the FileInfo class, its methods, properties, etc. The System.IO namespace is one of the most important namespaces we used… Read More

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