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Category Archives: Programming Language

Undoubtedly, Java has been the most famous and widely used programming language out there. Not 1, or 2 but, today it covers almost every sector… Read More
The concept of resource injection can be used to inject any resource available in the JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) namespace into any container-managed… Read More
WireMock is a tool for mocking HTTP-based APIs that runs in the unit tests, on the desktop, or in the test environment. We can also… Read More
Packages are a central mechanism in which a   Common Lisp is used in managing different sets of names and avoiding name collisions that may… Read More
Golang or Go programming language was introduced first by Google in late 2007 and was released in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken… Read More
The System class in Java is a part of the lang package and comes with many different fields and methods, and System.arraycopy() is among the… Read More
Selenium is a well-known software used for software testing purposes. Selenium consists of three parts. One is Selenium IDE, one is Selenium Webdriver & the… Read More
The process of Hibernate Logging by Log4j using an XML file deals with the ability of the computer programmer to write the log details of… Read More
Apache POI is an open-source java library to create and manipulate various file formats based on Microsoft Office. Using POI, one should be able to… Read More
Spring AOP has come up with different annotations namely  @Before, @After, @Around,@AfterReturning, and @AfterThrowing. Usually, confusions occur among developers were to write the apt code… Read More
Dispose is a method triggered whenever the created object from the stateful widget is removed permanently from the widget tree. It is generally overridden and… Read More
There are two types of widgets provided in Flutter. The Stateless Widget The Stateful Widget As the name suggests Stateful Widgets are made up of… Read More
If you are a flutter developer then you know how easy is to create Flutter UI. But when you have lots of widgets in your… Read More
Given a binary string as input, we need to write a program to convert the given binary string into its equivalent decimal number. Examples: Input… Read More
Scaffold allowing to using back layer and front layer. Use BackdropScaffold instead of the standard Scaffold in your app. A backLayer and a frontLayer have… Read More

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