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We sometimes need to round down the float values to the next lowest integer in our maths problems.  PHP provides a built-in function floor() to… Read More
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The existence of frameworks is a boon to all the developers as it contains actual programs using which software is built. To speed up your… Read More
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In this article, we will see what is final class & final method in PHP, along with knowing their implementation through the examples. The terms… Read More
Captcha validation is extremely vital for safeguarding kind submission from the sender. It helps us to protect specious kind submissions to our website by bots.… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between fopen() and fclose() functions. fopen() function: This function helps users to open a file… Read More
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An IP address is used to provide an identity to a device connected to a network. IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. An IP… Read More
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TCS NQT Exam: After clearing the NQT Test of TCS with 86 percentile, I got shortlisted for the Ninja profile. Technical Interview: In the technical,… Read More

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