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Sensor fusion is a technique used to combine data from multiple sensors to provide a more complete and accurate representation of the environment or system… Read More
Formulas that do financial computations, including net present value and rate of return, use financial functions in DAX. These features are comparable to those found… Read More
Interest that has accrued on a loan over time but has not yet been paid or collected by the borrower or lender is referred to… Read More
One of the most popular methods of data analysis is filtering the data. No matter if you are a financial expert, a data scientist, a… Read More
One of the most used methods for data analysis is data filtering. Data filtering removes the clutter and makes critical information visible to all users,… Read More
To generate formulas and expressions in Excel data models for Power BI, Analysis Services, and Power Pivot, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), a group of functions… Read More
The filter and value functions in DAX are some of the most complex and powerful and differ greatly from Excel functions. The lookup functions work… Read More
NumPy is a Python library used for dealing with arrays. In Python, we use the list inplace of the array but it’s slow to process.… Read More
A feature of Microsoft Office 365 called Power BI gives business users access to insights from their data. Users of the software can visualize information… Read More
Power BI is a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool by Microsoft that converts data from different data sources to create various business intelligence reports.… Read More
Microsoft Interview for SDE: Recruiter Phone Screen(45 mins)-Initial screening based on resume and background. Coding questions about Data structures and algorithms. Technical phone Interview or… Read More
Samsung R&D Noida visits our campus and has several applications for that.  Round 1: The online coding question on campus contains 1 DSA question and… Read More
Power BI supports both M Language and DAX as expression languages. Both are more comparable to the formulas in Microsoft Excel than they are to… Read More
Recognizing that Power BI has two fundamental computation engines will help you move forward. An iterator engine and an aggregator engine both exist. The distinction… Read More
In this article, we will cut an mp3 audio file into a smaller mp3 file. In this article, we will be using the pydub module… Read More

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