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Category Archives: Microsoft Azure

Pre-requisite: Azure Azure Modules are preconfigured templates that allow you to quickly deploy applications on Microsoft Azure. In this article, we’ll show you how to… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Azure VM An Azure dashboard is a useful tool provided by Microsoft Azure. It is a unified solution that works with Azure infrastructure and… Read More
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a service for managing identities and access in the cloud. This solution facilitates access to thousands of additional SaaS… Read More
Pre-requisite: Track CPU Utilization of Azure Virtual Machines using KQL Log Query, and CPU and Memory Utilization of Azure VMs in a Single Table Chart… Read More
Pre-requisite: Azure VM Azure Front Door is a modern cloud service offered by Microsoft, which assists from one individual to a vast enterprise, it can… Read More
Azure CDN is a distributed network of servers that delivers online information to consumers quickly and effectively. To reduce latency, CDNs cache content on edge… Read More
Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, just like Google has its Google Cloud and Amazon has it’s Amazon Web Service or AWS.000. Here in this article.… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Azure Log Analytics is a tool offered by Azure, which is used to edit and run log queries against data in the Azure Monitor… Read More
Pre-requisite: Azure Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a service that provides managed Paas service running the latest SQL Server Database. It comes with a feature… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Azure In this article, we will show you the process of renaming resource groups in azure. Is renaming really possible in azure for resource… Read More
SCCM Client agent is application software used for configuration management on the on-premise environment. In this article, we will show step-by-step instructions on removing the… Read More
A private Endpoint is basically a network interface that uses a private IP address from the azure virtual Network. By creating a Private Endpoint, you… Read More
Pre-requisite: Azure – Pre-built Azure VMs Azure Blueprint is a service offered by Microsoft that enables a subscriber to thoroughly control and manage the working… Read More
Pre-requisite: Azure VM Log Analytics is a service in the Azure portal to enable monitoring and capturing logs of resources in a database for monitoring… Read More
Azure Custom Vision is a computer vision service offered by Microsoft Azure that allows users to create customized computer vision models for image classification and… Read More

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