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Category Archives: Machine Learning

TextBlob module is a Python library and offers a simple API to access its methods and perform basic NLP tasks. It is built on the… Read More
Feature selection is also known as attribute selection is a process of extracting the most relevant features from the dataset and then applying machine learning… Read More
Live face-recognition is a problem that automated security division still face. With the advancements in Convolutions Neural Networks and specifically creative ways of Region-CNN, it’s… Read More
Seq2seq was first introduced for machine translation, by Google. Before that, the translation worked in a very naïve way. Each word that you used to… Read More
Image classification is a method to classify way images into their respective category classes using some methods like :   Training a small network from scratch… Read More
Prerequisites: Understanding Logistic Regression and TensorFlow. Brief Summary of Logistic Regression: Logistic Regression is Classification algorithm commonly used in Machine Learning. It allows categorizing data… Read More
Ever noticed how the news feeds of the multitude social networking sites and applications differ drastically from one person to another? Each feed seems to… Read More
Whenever a user searches for particular information on the internet, multiple results are returned which are explained in variety ways. It becomes difficult and time-consuming… Read More
Tensorflow is an open-source machine learning framework that is used for complex numerical computation. It was developed by the Google Brain team in Google. Tensorflow… Read More
The essence of Natural Language Processing lies in making computers understand the natural language. That’s not an easy task though. Computers can understand the structured… Read More
Machine Learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence that gives systems the ability to learn themselves without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine Learning… Read More
When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, it’s easy to imagine some dystopian science fiction future where robots have taken over the world and enslaved us.… Read More
Multi-Task Learning is a sub-field of Deep Learning. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the concepts of neural networks to understand what multi-task… Read More
Lemmatization is the process of grouping together the different inflected forms of a word so they can be analyzed as a single item. Lemmatization is… Read More
Stemming is the process of producing morphological variants of a root/base word. Stemming programs are commonly referred to as stemming algorithms or stemmers. A stemming… Read More

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