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Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning related to artificial neural networks. The word deep means bigger neural networks with a lot of hidden… Read More
Random Forest Algorithm is a commonly used machine learning algorithm that combines the output of multiple Decision Trees to achieve a single result. It handles… Read More
Face detection is a technique by which we can locate the human faces in the image given. Face detection is used in many places nowadays,… Read More
In modern times, Amazon is everywhere!!! And while Machine Learning has long been a part of Amazon, now it seems that ML is everywhere! From… Read More
The purposeful exchange of information caused by the creation and perception of signals drawn from a shared system of conventional signs is known as communication.… Read More
Prerequisite:  Resolution Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence AI | Proving Resolution in Proving Propositional Theorem AI | Proofs and Inferences in Proving Propositional Theorem To wrap… Read More
In this article, we are going to see about syntactically analysing in Artificial Intelligence. Parsing is the process of studying a string of words in… Read More
Prerequisite:  Proofs and Inferences in Proving Propositional Theorem Wumpus World in Artificial Intelligence Inference algorithms based on resolution work utilize the proof-by-contradiction. To establish that… Read More
Prerequisite: Understanding Reinforcement Learning in-depth In the previous articles, we learned about reinforcement learning, as well as the general paradigm and the issues with sparse… Read More
The automatic translation of text from one natural language (the source) to another is known as machine translation (the target). It was one of the… Read More
It is true to say that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI models are a blessing to the IT industry. It has… Read More
Opencv 3.3 brought with a very improved and efficient (dnn) module which makes it very for you to use deep learning with OpenCV. You still… Read More
In this tutorial, we are going to see the entire process of creating an Age predictor and Gender classifier project using OpenCV. Age Detection  Our… Read More
Alteryx was recognized as a leader in Gartner’s 2018 magic quadrant for data science and machine learning platforms Gartner specifically recognized alteryx as the leader… Read More
Neural architecture and search methods The effort of automatically selecting one or more designs for a neural network that would generate models with good outcomes… Read More

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