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Category Archives: Machine Learning

Prerequisite: Hypothesis testing P-value is used to find extreme values when the null hypothesis (h0) is true. In simpler words, it is used to reject… Read More
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What do you do when you want to watch the latest movies or series? Chances are you open Netflix of course! Whether you want to… Read More
Deployment usually the last step in any Data Science Project Pipeline, to be able to integrate your ML/DL model to a web application is quite… Read More
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JavaScript is the programming language of the web which makes it pretty important! However, it has mostly been used as a scripting language in web… Read More
Do you ever think of what it’s like to build anything like a brain, how these things work, or what do they do? Let us… Read More
Cybersecurity is a critical part of any company. Not only companies but even governments need top-class cybersecurity to make sure that their data remains private… Read More
The analysis is the process of breaking a complex chunk of data into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it. The… Read More

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