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Category Archives: Machine Learning

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Learning rule enhances the Artificial Neural Network’s performance by applying this rule over the network. Thus learning rule updates the weights and bias levels of… Read More
Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a standard task in NLP that involves translating a text from a source language to a  target language. BLEU (Bilingual… Read More
Machine learning is a hot topic in the world of computer science. There are more than 4 lakh ML Engineers and the profession is becoming… Read More
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LOANS are the major requirement of the modern world. By this only, Banks get a major part of the total profit. It is beneficial for… Read More
CART( Classification And Regression Tree) is a  variation of the decision tree algorithm. It can handle both classification and regression tasks. Scikit-Learn uses the Classification… Read More
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Best-First Search: Best-First search is a searching algorithm used to find the shortest path which uses distance as a heuristic. The distance between the starting… Read More
Computer Vision is one of the applications of deep neural networks that enables us to automate tasks that earlier required years of expertise and one… Read More

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