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Category Archives: Machine Learning

In this article, we will do feature matching using Brute Force in Python by using OpenCV library. Prerequisites: OpenCV OpenCV is a python library which… Read More
Feature Selection is the most critical pre-processing activity in any machine learning process. It intends to select a subset of attributes or features that makes… Read More
Deoldify is the project used to colorize and restore old images from Black and white format. It was developed by Jason Antic. Deoldify uses GAN… Read More
Prerequisite: Eigenvalues  and eigenvectors Let A and B be two matrices of order n. B can be considered similar to A if there exists an… Read More
High Leverage Point: A data point is considered to be a High Leverage Point if it has extreme predictor input value. An extreme input value… Read More
Neural Networks are a biologically-inspired programming paradigm that deep learning is built around. Python provides various libraries using which you can create and train neural… Read More
A  4-plot is a collection of 4 different graphical Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) tools, whose main motive is to test the assumptions that underlie most… Read More
Prerequisite: NumPy  Consider a data set, area (x1) rooms (x2) age (x3) price (y) 23 3 8 6562 15 2 7 4569 24 4 9… Read More
A standard deviation plot is used to check if there is a deviation between different groups of data. These groups can be generated manually or… Read More
The spectral plot is used to demonstrate the single dominant frequency of the plot. This indicates that the single cycle sinusoidal model might be appropriate.… Read More
Auto associative Neural networks are the types of neural networks whose input and output vectors are identical. These are special kinds of neural networks that… Read More
Weibull plot is a graphical technique to determining if the dataset comes from a population that is logically be fit by a 2-parameter Weibull distribution.… Read More
Star plot or Radar Chart is used for displaying multivariate data, in which each variable provides the measure of some common property of each observation.… Read More
The Transformer is a deep learning model proposed in 2017, which is essentially used in NLP tasks. If you are working on Natural Language Processing… Read More
Prerequisite: Youden Plot The Dex (Design of Experiments) Youden plot is a special type of Youden plot that can be used for the analysis of… Read More

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