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Category Archives: Machine Learning

Markov chains, named after Andrey Markov, a stochastic model that depicts a sequence of possible events where predictions or probabilities for the next state are… Read More
SLAM is the estimation of the pose of a robot and the map of the environment simultaneously. SLAM is hard because a map is needed… Read More
Odometry Odometry is the use of motion sensors to determine the robot’s change in position relative to some known position. The idea behind that is… Read More
TabNet was proposed by the researchers at Google Cloud in the year 2019. The idea behind TabNet is to effectively apply deep neural networks on… Read More
A candlestick is a type representing the price chart of stock. It is useful in finding patterns and predicting the future movement of the stock.… Read More
Correlation is a statistical tool that is used to analyze and measure the degree of relationship or degree of association between two or more variables.… Read More
Orthogonal Sets: A set of vectors  in  is called orthogonal set, if . if  Orthogonal Basis An orthogonal basis for a subspace W of  is a basis for W… Read More
Cost functions play a crucial role in improving a Machine Learning model’s performance by being an integrated part of the gradient descent algorithm which helps… Read More
Background: Communication is the most critical thing in the world which ties the whole world together. There are various mediums of communication: voice, video, and… Read More
In AI there are mainly two types of search techniques: Un-informed/blind search techniques Informed search techniques Search algorithms under the Uninformed category are: Breadth-first search… Read More
We need to describe the PEAS for the “bidding on an item at an auction” activity. PEAS stands for Performance measures, Environment, Actuators, and Sensors.… Read More
Let’s understand how errors are calculated and weights are updated in backpropagation networks(BPNs). Consider the following network in the below figure. Backpropagation Network (BPN) The… Read More
Concept of AI goes back to the classical ages. Under greek mythology, the concept of machines and mechanical men were well thought of. In 1950,… Read More
The Healthcare industry is an essential industry that offers care to millions of citizens, while at the same time, contributing to the local economy. Artificial… Read More
Jurassic-1, the latest and the most advanced ‘Language Model’, is developed by Israel’s AI21 Labs. ‘Jurassic-1’ is the name given to a couple of auto-regressive… Read More