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Category Archives: Machine Learning

Logistic Regression Logistic Regression is also known as Binary Classification is one of the most popular Machine Learning Algorithms. It comes under Supervised Learning Classification… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how to compute classification reports and confusion matrices of size 3*3 in Python. Confusion matrix and classification… Read More
As we know while building a neural network we are doing convolution to extract features with the help of kernels with respect to the current… Read More
In this article, we shall look at the in-depth use of tf.keras.layers.Conv2D() in a python programming language. Convolution Neural Network: CNN Computer Vision is changing… Read More
In this article, we’ll create a program to convert a black & white image i.e grayscale image to a colour image. We’re going to use… Read More
In this article, we’ll cover all the steps required to build a Yawn detection program using OpenCV and dlib packages. But before doing this project… Read More
In this article, we will discuss solving a medical problem i.e. Pneumonia which is a dangerous disease that may occur in one or both lungs… Read More
Time series analysis is mainly used to explain, describe, and predict changes via the time of chosen variables. Many companies use time series forecasting, and… Read More
Multi-layer perceptrons (MLP) is an artificial neural network that has 3 or more layers of perceptrons. These layers are- a single input layer, 1 or… Read More
Population: A complete collection of the objects or measurements is called the population or else everything in the group we want to learn about will… Read More
Sentiment Analysis for Indic Language:   This article exhibits how to use the library VADER  for doing the sentiment analysis of the Indic Language’Hindi’.  … Read More
Introduction The advancements in Data Science and Machine Learning have made it possible for us to solve several complex regression and classification problems.  However, the… Read More
Google created a transformer-based machine learning approach for natural language processing pre-training called Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It has a huge number of parameters,… Read More
It is assumed that the reader knows the concepts of Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks. If you are sure about the topics please refer… Read More
Two-Way ANOVA: Two-Way ANOVA in statistics stands for Analysis of Variance and it is used to check whether there is a statistically significant difference between… Read More

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