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Category Archives: Machine Learning

From telling rickshaw-wala where to go, to tell him where to come we have grown up. Yes, we are talking about online cab and bike… Read More
If you are a machine learning enthusiast you must have done the Titanic project in which you would have predicted whether a person will survive… Read More
Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and the parts of the body controlled by the nerves. Symptoms are also not… Read More
You must have heard some advertisements regarding medical insurance that promises to help financially in case of any medical emergency. One who purchases this type… Read More
The vendors who are selling everyday items need to keep their stock up to date so, that no customer returns from their shop empty hand. … Read More
Today there are no certain methods by using which we can predict whether there will be rainfall today or not. Even the meteorological department’s prediction… Read More
There must be times when you have come across some social media post whose main aim is to spread hate and controversies or use abusive… Read More
Autocorrect is a way of predicting or making the wrong spellings correct, which makes the tasks like writing paragraphs, reports, and articles easier. Today there… Read More
If you have recently visited a restaurant for a family dinner or lunch and you have tipped the waiter for his generous behavior then this… Read More
When did we see a video on youtube let’s say it was funny then the next time you open your youtube app you get recommendations… Read More
Autism is a neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to interact with others, make eye contact with others, learn capacity, and other behavioral and… Read More
Machine learning proves immensely helpful in many industries in automating tasks that earlier required human labor one such application of ML is predicting whether a… Read More
Amazon gives a platform to small businesses and companies with modest resources to grow larger. And Because of its popularity, people actually spend time and… Read More
Music is the art of arranging sound and noise together to create harmony, melody, rhythm, and expressive content. It is organized so that humans and… Read More
This article is based on the analysis of the reviews and ratings user gives on Flipkart to make others aware of their experience and moreover… Read More

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