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Category Archives: Linux-Unix

9Menu produces a window that is made up entirely of a menu. The associated command is carried out when a certain item is selected. With… Read More
Alpine is a messaging tool that focuses on screens. Alpine includes a wide range of configurable “power-user” and personal-preference capabilities, but its default configuration purposely… Read More
Apt-show-versions searches the dpkg status file, and the APT lists for installed and available package versions and distributions and displays upgrade choices within the selected… Read More
The Bluetooth wireless technology is a worldwide specification for a small-form-factor, low-cost radio solution that provides links between mobile computers, mobile phones, and other portable… Read More
The term “Live USB Persistence” refers to the fact that the files and data that we create in USB as a result of our work… Read More
Upon collecting the appropriate items from the Debian changelog and NEWS files, the utility apt-listchanges may compare a new version of a package with the… Read More
A set of console-based utilities for specific sound gear: ALSA Tools is a set of console-based utilities for specific sound devices. It organizes sound hardware… Read More
This package provides the ALSA driver source code. Using the m-a utility, the source code can be compiled into an alsa-modules package (available in the… Read More
Simply  ALSA is made up of two parts: a kernel API that allows higher-level sound servers and apps to access your sound card, and a… Read More
Ableton Link is a system that synchronizes the rhythm, tempo, and phase of music between various programs running on a single device or a number… Read More
The abs-guide assumes no prior knowledge of scripting or programming while quickly progressing toward an intermediate/advanced level of education… all while slipping in little pearls… Read More
Apt-file is a software program that indexes the contents of packages in your accessible repositories and allows you to search for a certain file among… Read More
Zypper is a software management command-line program. It may add package repositories, search for packages, install, uninstall, or update packages, install patches, and device drivers,… Read More
APF, or Advanced Policy Firewall, is a firewall that is occasionally observed on Liquid Web servers. It is essentially an interface to iptables, which is… Read More
Repositories in Ubuntu are servers that contain software packaged into nice .deb or .rpm files containing the programs and libraries you need to set up… Read More

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