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Category Archives: Linux-Unix

Jshole is a free and open-source javascript vulnerability scanner based on retireJS. This tool is very useful for finding JavaScript vulnerabilities on the website. It’s… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how to run bash script in terminal. For example, we create a bash file set of instructions… Read More
Badmod tool is an automated tool used as a CMS detector Vulnerability finder, and also auto exploiter. Badmod tool is developed in the Shell Script… Read More
Linkedin2Username tool is an automated tool developed in the Python3 Language used as an OSINT tool to generate username lists from companies on the LinkedIn… Read More
Droopescan tool is an automated script developed in the Python language which is used in the initial reconnaissance and information gathering phases. This tool gathers… Read More
Optiva Framework is an automated tool used as a Website Penetration tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning. Optiva tool has the features of collecting… Read More
Inshackle – Instagram Hacks: is an open-source intelligence tool available freely on GitHub.  Inshackle is written in bash language.  Inshackle is used to perform reconnaissance… Read More
Terra is an Open Source Intelligence Tool. Terra can give you so much information about an Instagram account that is not easily visible to a… Read More
XERXES is a free and Open source tool available on GitHub. You can install and download the tool free of cost. A denial of service… Read More
Pompem tool is an automation tool used in the phase of Vulnerability Scanning. This tool can find the exploits for a particular text. Now, this… Read More
J-dorker tool is an automated tool that is used to fetch the links from Bing Search engine which matches the dork query. These links can… Read More
aSYNcrone is a free and  Open source tool available on GitHub. It uses perfectly legitimate HTTP traffic. It makes a full TCP connection and then… Read More
Generally, you can see on the login page, whenever we type a password either it show dot (•) or asterisk (*) instead of a password.… Read More
Let there are some situations in which you have to save your output in a file ( generally called log file). Output can be user… Read More
In this article, we will write a bash script to check if files exist or not.  Syntax : test [expression] [ expression ] [[ expression… Read More

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