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Category Archives: Linux-Unix

Administrators can administer Linux and Unix servers and systems using the web-based utility Webmin. You may manage user accounts, update and configure your system, monitor… Read More
Being the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu offers extensive support for a variety of apps. The Ubuntu application Xpad is about sticky notes and is… Read More
Marble is a virtual globe program that lets you pick between the Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, and other planets to show as a 3-D model.… Read More
Since it’s well-designed and integrated with Ubuntu Gnome Desktop, the Gnome Weather app should always be your first choice. The prediction is integrated into the… Read More
fuser is a command line utility in Linux. fuser can identify the process using the files or sockets. This command can be also used to… Read More
Create vector pictures, typically in Scalable Vector Graphics format, using the free and open-source Inkscape editor. Anyone who wants to make their artwork, whether they… Read More
Here we will explain how YAML can simplify system management and automation of most processes so that Kubernetes is a convenient working system. Basic Kubernetes… Read More
Pixeluvo is a gorgeous picture and photo editor for Linux and Windows that supports Hi-DPI displays, new camera RAW formats, and other capabilities. A commercial… Read More
Photo editing software called Showfoto provides effective features. This program’s standalone image editor from the digiKam project allows you to see your photographs and modify… Read More
The shell or command prompt are common names for the terminal. This was how consumers interacted with computers in the past, but Linux users have… Read More
LightZone, unlike other photo editors that employ layers, allows you to create a stack of tools that can be reorganized, readjusted, turned off and on,… Read More
A dynamic menu editor is called MenuLibre. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to manage and configure the desktop applications you have… Read More
Apt-transport-https is a fake transitory package; in 1.5, https support was relocated into the apt package. It is safe to remove. This is a fake… Read More
Apt-offline adds offline package management features to Debian-based systems. It may be used to download packages and dependencies that will be installed later (or necessary… Read More
RawTherapee is application software that allows you to process images in raw image formats, such as those produced by many digital cameras. It is a… Read More

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