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Category Archives: Linux-Unix

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DSXS or Damn Small XSS Scanner is a free and open-source tool available on GitHub. Cross-site scripting or XSS is a vulnerability that can be… Read More
as command is the portable GNU assembler in Linux. Using as command, we can read and assemble a source file. The main purpose of ‘as‘… Read More
OSINT is the technique of collecting information, media data from publically available sources. This can be done in a manual or automated way. Manual Collection… Read More
Directories on the target domain can contain some sensitive information about the Web-Application which should not be revealed. We can discover this hidden directory by… Read More
DNSspider tool is a very fast multi-threaded brute-force tool of subdomains that leverages a word-list and/or character permutation. DNSspider tool is developed in the Python… Read More
Heartbleed bug or SSL vuln is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL, a popular open-source cryptographic library that assists in the implementation of SSL and TLS… Read More
Brute-Forcing is the technique to discover the hidden directories and files on the target server. We can even brute-force usernames and passwords. All this process… Read More
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Feroxbuster is a tool designed to perform Compelled Browsing. Compelled browsing is an attack where the aim is to identify and access resources that are… Read More
Brute-Forcing is an automated process through which Usernames, Passwords can be detected by querying the possible credentials on the target domain login pages. We can… Read More