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A Binary Number System is composed of two symbols : 0’s (zeroes) and 1’s (ones), which represent low or Off and high or On state… Read More
The task is to print all the elements that are present in even position. Consider an example, we have an array of length 6, and… Read More
Problem Statement: Given three numbers x, y, and z of which aim is to get the largest among these three numbers. Example:  Input: x =… Read More
Vector is a class that implements the List interface. It is a type of dynamic array that means the size of a vector can be… Read More
Program to shrink the contents of a PDF document. The external jar file is required to import in the program. Below is the implementation for… Read More
Program to remove pages from an existing document a PDF document. The external jar file is required to import in the program. Below is the… Read More
Sort the given array in descending order, i.e., arrange the elements from largest to smallest.  Example: Input :Array = {2, 6, 23, 98, 24, 35,… Read More
An XML file contains data between the tags so it is complex to read the data when compared to other file formats like docx and… Read More
For creating a PDF document using Java, we need to know the packages/libraries which are necessary for writing the code. So, for creating a PDF… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to apply the custom font and various styles associated with it using Java and Apache POI (a Java… Read More
This method was proposed by Van Neumann. In this method, we have a seed and then the seed is squared and its midterm is fetched… Read More
Given an Expression which is represented by String. The task is to find duplicate elements in a Regular Expression in Java. Use a map or… Read More
In this program, categorize taller, dwarf, and average by the height of a person. For comparison, a standard height of reference is taken into consideration… Read More
Pascal’s triangle is a pattern of the triangle which is based on nCr.below is the pictorial representation of Pascal’s triangle. Example: Input : N =… Read More
Control tables will be tables that control the control stream or have a significant influence on program control. There are no unbending guidelines about the… Read More

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