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Category Archives: Java Programs

HTML is the core of the web, all the pages you see on the internet are HTML, whether they are dynamically generated by JavaScript, JSP,… Read More
Inner class means one class that is a member of another class. There are basically four types of inner classes in java. Nested Inner class… Read More
A decimal number is the sum of digits multiplied with a power of 10. Decimal numbers are represented with base 10 whereas hexadecimal Number is… Read More
ArrayList.add() method is used to add an element at particular index in Java ArrayList. Syntax: public void add(int index, Object element) ; Parameters:  index  -position… Read More
 These days, PDF is frequently used for report generation like to generate In order to make the java program interact with files be it of… Read More
Scaling of Image refers to the resizing of images. It is useful in image processing and manipulation in machine learning applications as it can reduce… Read More
The series to work on is as follows:   Illustration Input : N = 4 Output: 30 Explanation: 12 + 22 + 32 + 42… Read More
An API stands for Application Programming Interface which are simply a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software to simplify app… Read More
Program to split the PDF document into multiple PDFs. Below is the implementation for the same using JAVA. The prerequisite of this topic is that… Read More
We know that Graph is a data structure that consists of a finite set of vertices and edges(that connect the vertices with each other). A… Read More
Schonhage-Strassen algorithm is one of the fastest ways of multiplying very large integer values (30000 to 150000 decimal digits). This algorithm was developed by Arnold… Read More
The task is to illustrate a method that does not contain any parameter but should return some value. Methods are used to break a complete… Read More
The text will be extracted first from a Word file using Apache in java. Apache POI let us allow access to Microsoft documents which includes… Read More
The first byte needs to be converted into an object byte which can easily be dealt with to convert to strings. Convert Object to String… Read More
Apache POI and File stream is the root concept to create a Word document. Apache POI Is an API provided by Apache foundation which is… Read More

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