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Category Archives: Java Programs

Apache POI and File stream is the root concept to create a Word document. Apache POI Is an API provided by Apache foundation which is… Read More
Java provides a method for comparing two Array List. The ArrayList.equals() is the method used for comparing two Array List. It compares the Array lists… Read More
We can copy and add List items in Array List using addAll() method. This method accepts a Collection (Ex. List) as an argument and adds… Read More
Factorial of a number simply returns out the multiplication of that number with all numbers lesser than the number up to 1 over which factorial… Read More
GCD or the Greatest Common Divisor of two given numbers A and B is the highest number dividing both A and B completely, i.e., leaving… Read More
Naor-Reingold Pseudo-Random Function is a function of generating random numbers. Moni Naor and Omer Reingold described efficient constructions for various cryptographic primitives in the private… Read More
In this form, a table is displayed row and column-wise, in such a way such that in every row, only the entries up to the… Read More
In computer science, multiply-with-carry (MWC) is a method invented by George Marsaglia for generating sequences of random integers based on an initial set from two… Read More
Apache POI is an open-source library by Apache which can be used to create, modify and display files MS office file in Java. It provides… Read More
A rhombus is a quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length and rhombus is also called an equilateral quadrilateral. The formula for finding… Read More
Given an Octal number as input, the task is to convert that number into its Binary equivalent number. Example: Input: Octal Number = 513 Output:… Read More
A number which is divisible by 1 and itself or a number which has factors as 1 and the number itself is called a prime… Read More
A rectangle is a simple flat figure in a plane. It has four sides and four right-angles. In a rectangle all four sides are not… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, Convert the given array as even numbers in the array occurs at the odd index, odd numbers in… Read More
Every class in java is a child of Object class either directly or indirectly. toString() is present in Object class. The toString method returns a… Read More

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