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Category Archives: Java Programs

URL is the URL you want to display in the default Web browser. For example, wire to this input to display the HTML file… Read More
The Wagner-Fischer Algorithm is a dynamic programming algorithm that measures the Levenshtein distance or the edit distance between two strings of characters. Levenshtein Distance(LD) calculates… Read More
Reversing a list means after reversing the list, the first element should be swapped with the last element, the second element should be swapped with… Read More
Monoalphabetic Cipher is a cipher where the letters of the plain text are mapped to ciphertext letters based on a single alphabetic key. It is… Read More
In Java, strings are objects that are backed internally by a char array. So to convert a string to a byte array, we need a… Read More
The Vector class implements a growable array of objects. Vectors basically fall in legacy classes but now it is fully compatible with collections. It is… Read More
LinkedHashMap class extends HashMap and maintains a linked list of the entries in the map, in the order in which they were inserted. This allows… Read More
We can set the print area in a Spreadsheet. This can be done using the Apache POI library of Java. We use the different classes… Read More
It is the implementation class of List Interface. It allows duplicated objects/elements and as well as maintains the insertion order. You can get the element… Read More
  RSA or Rivest–Shamir–Adleman is an algorithm employed by modern computers to encrypt and decrypt messages. It is an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm. Asymmetric means that… Read More
Given a Circular Linked List, the task is to add a New Node at the Middle of the List. Let’s consider the following Circular Linked… Read More
LinkedHashSet is used to store elements in which order they were inserted. When the iteration order is needed to be maintained this class is used.… Read More
ArrayList is a part of the Collection framework and is present in java.util package. It provides us with dynamic arrays in Java. Though, it may… Read More
JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is a standard API(application interface) between the java programming language and various databases like oracle,SQL, connects the front end for… Read More
Prime Numbers are the number which can be divisible by only 1 and itself, it cannot be divisible by any other number. The task here… Read More

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