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Category Archives: Java Programs

The Heap area is one of the various memory areas present inside the JVM.  For every JVM one heap area is available. The Heap area… Read More
A hash table is a data structure that executes a connected array, it is a structure that maps keys to its values. It uses a… Read More
In order to define a date and time, the DateTime data type is used. DateTime is defined in the format as “YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss” where: YYYY states… Read More
A shell command is a command that we can trigger using a keyboard and a command-line or a shell instead of a Graphical user interface.… Read More
In java, we have a package that provides various methods to perform various operations on files/directories.  Temporary files are those files that are created… Read More
A leftist heap is a priority Queue implemented with a binary heap. Every node has a sValue which is at the nearest Distance to the… Read More
As we know that the HashSet contains only unique elements, ie no duplicate entries are allowed, and since our aim is to remove the duplicate… Read More
We need to calculate a number raised to the power of some other number without using the predefined function java.lang.Math.pow() In Java, we can calculate… Read More
Given an Integer number convert into Binary Number using arrays as a stack. Example: Input : 10 Output: 1010 Input : 16 Output: 10000 Approach:… Read More
Given a non-negative number find the cube root of a number using the binary search approach. Examples : Input: x = 27 Output: 3 Explanation:… Read More
Given a non-negative number find the square root of a number using the binary search approach. Examples : Input: x = 16 Output: 4 Explanation:… Read More
An unexpected, unwanted event that disturbed the normal flow of a program is called Exception. Most of the time exception is caused by our program… Read More
XMLGregorianCalendar can be transformed into either java.util.Date or java.sql.Date as per the requirements. JAXB (Java API/XML Bindings Architecture) is a common framework for creating XML… Read More
Basically, an N-array tree is such a tree structure in which each node can have a max of up to ‘N’ number of children. The… Read More
Independent sets are set of vertices or edges in which the pair of any two vertices or edges are not adjacent to each other. Assuming… Read More

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