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Category Archives: Java Programs

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Prerequisites: Java.lang.Thread class in Java MouseListener and MouseMotionListener in Java This is a simple Java code including the concept of Thread and Java AWT to… Read More
Many times, we need to perform operations where a stream reduces to a single resultant value, for example, maximum, minimum, sum, product, etc. Reducing is… Read More
Java provides different ways to generate random numbers, using some built-in methods and classes, but most of them do generate unique positive long numbers like… Read More
We will be going through some source code for a Java method that lets you copy texts to the clipboard of your operating system. Java… Read More
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JSON is nothing but Javascript Object Notation. It is a text format to store the data as well as transport the data. Usually, it will… Read More
In primitive casting, we can convert the byte data type information into the integer data type information by using implicit typecasting. When we try to convert… Read More
Prerequisite: Socket Programming in Java First, we understand the basics of java socket programming. Java Socket is used to communicate between two different JREs. Java… Read More

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