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Please find below my interview experience with Fab Technology Pune.  Round 1(Telephonic): It started off with general discussion about my current work and prior projects.It… Read More
Written 50 questions all mcq: 1. questions on sql. 2. lot of threading and java exceptions 3. questions on sorting, complexity and comparison with other sorting techniques 4. Error… Read More
Online Round:  Don’t remember the questions, but they were of medium level, not tough as such.  Basic knowledge will help you in clearing that round… Read More
First of all I would like to thanks GeeksforGeeks for such a good website. Round 1 (Written Test) 1. GSAT(Global Samsung Aptitude Test) 2. 30… Read More
Headstrong: 1st Round: 1) What is Heap Memory and Difference between stack and heap memory. 2) Why would you do the setContentView() in onCreate() of Activity class. 3) In… Read More
I have 8 months of experience and I recently appeared for interview of Amazon for role of SDE-I. Written Round: Q1: Convert a binary tree… Read More
I attended Expedia interview for SDE-II role. Here are the questions on each round. Round 1: [Coding] 1. Given MxN matrix with sorted elements row… Read More
I appeared for interview process. In each round, I have to discuss the problem with interviewer and to tell him my approach. Also they… Read More
The first round was an online test hosted on Around 350 students appeared in the online test. The duration was 90 minutes. It consisted… Read More
Belzabar Software Design & Development recently visited our Campus, as a regular offering Computer Scientist Internships to 2-3 students of the college from CS/IT Engineering… Read More
Amazon SDE1 Off campus Written Round 1. Given an array in which elements are first increasing and then decreasing. find the maximum element in the… Read More
Hello Guys, I was recently interviewed by Amazon for SDE-1 position. Following is my interview experience. Round-1 (Written on InterviewStreet) 1. Rotate a N*M matrix… Read More
I am currently in my 8th semester . I recently attended the off campus drive for SDE1 at Amazon. Here’s my journey. Round 1:- (Written)… Read More
Phone Interview: 1) Given a 2D matrix where every row is sorted, give the index of row which has maximum number of one’s 2) Given… Read More
I have been interviewed for SDE1 by amazon. Here are the questions. 1st Round – Online Coding 1. Contiguous elements in an array whose sum… Read More