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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Round 1: (1 h) ============== Q1. Design a Garbage collector like java. How would you detect depended reference loop? Hist : Class design, Cycle detection… Read More
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Anudeep Nekkanti embodies the old adage – there is no substitute for talent. The 21-year-old coder from Samalkot (a small town near Vishakhapatnam) has landed… Read More
This is an account of my recent interview experience with Amazon. My process started off at one their hiring drives. It was a tiresome process… Read More
1st Telephonic round After few project and introduction related question. Write a program to find an element in sorted and rotated array. Write a program… Read More
I attended a hiring event for Amazon in world trade center in bangalore. First round was coding test (Written round) : 1. Given a string… Read More
Most Asked Questions K largest elements from a big file or array. Find a triplet a, b, c such that a2 = b2 + c2.… Read More
Written (50 Minutes) 20 aptitude and general cs objective questions Code: Find minimum # elements to be removed from int array so that max element… Read More
25 question 1hr time All Are MCQ: 1 mark each, no negative marks Domain: C language 1) int main() {     int i;     i = 0;… Read More
Round 1 (F2F): 1) Find the merge point between two lists. 2) Given a sorted array find the number of BSTs you can form. Round… Read More
Hello Geeks, I had interview in amazon few days before. I’m sharing you my experience. It was for SDE-I Profile for Hyderabad(India) location. Round 1:… Read More
Written 1: Technical and Aptitude. Written 2: Written Coding Written 1 was Normal Written exam based on fundamentals of Aptitude and Computer Science. Written 2:… Read More
About myself: I was contacted on Linkedin by a Google recruiter. I have 4 years of experience. Phone screen Warm-ups 1) Manually calculate bits in… Read More
Online Written 1. Cant remember the question exactly, but it was bit easy and was easily solvable using the substring function for the string. 2.… Read More