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I sat for the TCS On-campus Placements. Round 1:Online Test(70 minutes) This was an online test conducted on the HackerRank platform. 15 MCQ- Electronics,  Computer… Read More
Round 1- What is dependency Injection? What advantages of Spring boot? How to handle Exceptions in spring boot? What is virtual DOM? Difference between props… Read More
I got a Full-Time Offer from Accolite Digital !! Education – B.Tech in Computer Science from tier 3 collegeYOE – 0Date of Offer – 4th… Read More
Hexaware Technologies is one of the most popular mass recruiters. They come to hire freshers in our college for Graduate Engineer Trainee(GET) role. I would… Read More
I applied for a position as a  software engineer trainee at kiwi tech. After a few days, I received an email from the company asking… Read More
KLA Software Engineer Summer Intern – 2023 First Round ( Coding Round): There are two questions in this round and the time given is 90… Read More
Round 1 (Online Coding): 30 MCQ’s based on OS, DBMS, Data Structures and Algorithms. One Coding questions based on string and one question was based… Read More
It was my first interview experience, via video conference. The interview was scheduled for the afternoon, I logged in to Google meet 20 min earlier… Read More
Virtusa Corporation is an American information technology services company founded in 1996 in Sri Lanka and has its headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts, United States.Virtusa Corporation… Read More
Difficulty Level : Medium Number of rounds : 3 (1 Online Test + 2 Technical) Round 1: Online Test : This is Basically Coding round… Read More
ROUND 1 (APTITUDE, ENGLISH SPEAKING, AND LISTENING TEST) The first round was taken on an online platform and the total number of questions were more… Read More
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First, there was a call from a recruiter confirming my experience and the details mentioned on my resume. Then after a week, the interview was… Read More
Hi, This role is required for 3+ years of experience. The process involves 2 rounds only: 1st Round- Technical Round-45mins Questions were mostly asked on… Read More
Infineon Internship OnCampus Interview Experience This was an internship + wait-for-PPO opportunity where hiring was done for 3 roles (Hardware, Software, and System)An online test… Read More