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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

There were 3 coding questions in 1-hour total time and it was conducted on code byte. All questions were on string based First Question: Program… Read More
in October 2023, Tredence visited our campus for Analyst Role. there were 3 rounds in total. level: Easy Round 1: Online Test(Hacker-earth): Total duration: 2… Read More
Microsoft visited our campus to select students for the roles of SDE Intern as well as FTE (based on the performance of the internship) in… Read More
Introduction:     The interviewer came a bit late in my case(took approximately 10 mins from starting time), and we faced some voice problems(it took… Read More
Round 1: (Interviewer Recruiter (HR) Duration 5 mins) Had a referral from a senior HR from India. Recruiter screening was bypassed. The call was just… Read More
I am a fourth-year Chemical engineering student at Jadavpur University. Increff came to my College around the second week of September 2022 with 3 roles… Read More
Role: Backend Developer (Experience: 2.5 years) I applied through LinkedIn and received the invitation for the first round (Hackerrank online test) within 1 week. Online… Read More
TIAA GBS visited our campus in semester 6th, to offer an internship opportunity and post-internship a PPO(Pre Placement Offer) based on performance. So, my placement… Read More
Intuit generally hires through referrals or on-campus. There were basically 5 rounds: Resume Short-listing (by intuit employees) Online Assessment Online Technical Interview first Online Technical… Read More
I received a Pre-placement interview opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer after clearing the first round of HackWithInfy 2021. The first round was… Read More
This is a written round on paper for everyone. Three coding questions were given. Two out of three must be correct covering every single edge… Read More
When I applied at Sundry Food Limited (Kilimanjaro, which was my first interview experience), I didn’t really specify any position. I had applied for any… Read More
This was an on-campus opportunity where Expedia visited our campus and I was applying for the Intern position. The overall hiring process consisted of 3… Read More
Difficulty Level: (Easy-Medium) Background:(Years of Experience: 2.5 Years) There were 4 rounds – DSA, LLD, HM, and HR Round 1: DSA Easy to Medium level… Read More
Difficulty Level: (Easy) Background: (Years of Experience: 2.5 Years months) I got the interview through a recruiting consultancy. There were 2 rounds – DSA and… Read More