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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

I applied for the Hexaware PGET role on the superset website. There were 3 assessments before the interview : Online Aptitude Test Coding Test (… Read More
I applied at TCS in June 2022 through Campus Hiring Process.The eligibility criteria for this job were:  B.Tech(All Branches), M.Tech(All Branches), MCA, M.Sc Batch 2023.… Read More
As a recent graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I was excited to apply for the role of Software Developer at Ribbon Communications Pvt Ltd.… Read More
So out of around 35 students, they shortlist only 6 students, and out of 6, one got placed at Infineon. so there are only 5… Read More
I applied for this role off-campus months ago, most probably last October. The first round was an online test, There were three rounds for the… Read More
Microsoft visited our college for Internships and FTE offers during the month of July end. I was in my third year of college at that… Read More
Microsoft visited my campus in July 2022. The complete process happened online for me. Online Assessment: Count of subarrays with average K Not Remember After… Read More
ROUND 1: It started straight away with DSA questions. 3 questions were asked. Prefix to Postfix Conversion The Stock Span Problem  Find the first non-repeating… Read More
Wells Fargo visited our campus to recruit FTE and interns in the month of August. The entire process was conducted virtually and comprised 3-4 rounds.… Read More
There were total 3 rounds :  Online Assessment  GD Round  HR Round Online Assessment had 4 sections which were nearly 90 mins in total :… Read More
Application Process: Apply on PayPal Career Site Resume Screening Hackerrank Online Assessment (Coding + MCQ) Technical Round  (Online Interview)  Hiring Manager Round (Online Interview) Final… Read More
The Difficulty Level of the whole process was Easy to Medium, So cognizant visited our campus in the month of august for the role of… Read More
It was a College placement. It included a total of 3 interviews. Before the interview, there was a coding exam having questions around the medium-semi… Read More
 Resume Shortlisting: I applied for the internship over the college placement portal and got an Online Assessment link after some time. Online Assessment: The assessment… Read More
Fidelity International visited our college to hire freshers for the position of ‘Graduate Programmer’ in October 2022. I successfully cleared the interview process and was… Read More