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Disclaimer: This firm is more inclined towards hardware Round 1(Online Exam): This round had three sections. Each section had 20 questions and 30 minutes to… Read More
Mckinsey has visited the college campus on April 2021 for an Internship (Jan-Jul 2022) for the role of Software associate.   Round 1: The first… Read More
Salesforce came to my college in august 2021 for an SDE intern, the criteria were 7+ GPA and no backlog and any branch. The test… Read More
Software Development Engineer – UI. On-Campus Recruitment Process. Consists of 2 Rounds.  Round 1(Online Test): Online Test on HackerEarth platform. Consisted of about 20 technical… Read More
Online Coding Round: This round consisted of 5 coding problems to be solved within an hour on HackerRank Platform. Students who were able to solve… Read More
Wells Fargo visited my college for both internship and FTE selection process 2022. For the FTE –   Out of 200+ students, 140 were shortlisted… Read More
Company: Arcesium Role: Software Development Engineer Intern(2months) Eligibility criteria for online test: CGPA – 7 for CSE/IT and 8 for ECE etc. They also consider… Read More
Company – Josh Technology Group  Profile – Frontend Developer (Intern + FTE) Total Rounds – 7 NOTE – STL/Libraries Not allowed Description:  Round 1: Online… Read More
PwC Interview Experience | Virtual Experience April 2021. I had applied at PwC through an Employee Referral on LinkedIn. After a few days, I got… Read More
Salesforce came to my College(Campus Pool 2021) in the month of July 2021 for SWE Internship at Futureforce Round 1(Coding Round on HackerRank): Three questions… Read More
In our college campus recruitment process will have an online test (MCQs – 30 min/30Que & Coding Round – 60min duration), followed by technical (2… Read More
They visited our campus for the 2020-2021 session. The whole interview process is done virtually due to COVID-19. Round 1(Online Coding): It’s an online coding… Read More
Hi there! Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) came in December 2020 for virtually recruiting. It was an on-campus placement drive. The process which the company followed… Read More
Round 1(Aptitude Test-1): Persistent Systems conducted a selection exam consisting of aptitude questions, technical MCQs, and 2 programming questions on the Aspiring Minds platform.  One… Read More

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