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Infineon Internship OnCampus Interview Experience This was an internship + wait-for-PPO opportunity where hiring was done for 3 roles (Hardware, Software, and System)An online test… Read More
Bigbasket is India’s largest online food and grocery store.  There were a total of 4 rounds (3 technical + HR) for the selection process. Online… Read More
Recently, I had the chance to interview for a software engineer intern position at TCS India in Pune, and I’m excited to share my experience… Read More
So many companies come to our campus yearly to lend Summer-Internship offers for the 3rd year students during the placement drives. Morgan Stanley visited our… Read More
I had applied for this internship through Cisco Meraki Careers. Later I got a mail, asking me to provide the slots to schedule my interview.… Read More
Recently MangoApps visited our college to hire interns to work on DevOps. About MangoApps, It is a service-based company with offices in Pune. The Hiring… Read More
Recently, I had the opportunity to go through an interview process for a position I was really interested in. Here is my experience and what… Read More
Deutsche bank visited our college to hire interns for a summer analyst role in the internship drive.
Its stipend was quite a descent. Doing an internship… Read More
CODING ROUND (1 HR):  2 QUESTIONS  2D ARRAY PROBLEM TREES INTERVIEW: ROUND 1 (TR) (45 MINS) : Introduction DSA Questions:  Stack Using Queue  & Trees… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment: Everyone who had applied got online test link. The test was hosted on Hackerrank which were having total 17 questions. First… Read More
Today, I took the PayPal summer intern test which consisted of 11 questions.  One of the questions was a coding question that required me to… Read More
Exam pattern : Coding Round ( 3 questions): Simple binary tree question related level order (quite easy ) Simple linked list question based on sorting… Read More
On our campus, Cashfree Payments started its drive on 1st week of August 2022. Round 1 (Coding Assessment): There were 2 coding questions and 10… Read More
 Selection process: Resume shortlisting: For this, I will say a decent GPA (preferably 8+) will get you shortlisted for the on-campus placement. Online Assessment (Coding… Read More
On our Campus, SRIB started the hiring process in September 2022. The overall process consisted of two rounds: Coding Round Interview Round Coding Round: The… Read More

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