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Round 1 was scheduled for 20 Dec 2021 on hackerrank. Round-1 (Online coding test): It was a simple implementation. After this, I got… Read More
Hi, Today I just gave my interview for an AI internship at LinkedIn. So, I thought why not share it with others. Before, I tell… Read More
My whims about interviews: ’Two beasts sitting in a chair opposite to mine, ready to devour and me— trembling with fear.’ However, the real interview… Read More
 Round 1 (Coding round): I don’t exactly remember the question but it was the intermediate-level question (P. S:  Lookout for their coding environment it’s hard… Read More
Selection Procedure: It consists of three rounds of interviews. Skill(s) required: A good command of C/C++ Well versed with DSA Round 1 : ( 20-30… Read More
Hello everyone, I applied for the Zoho off-campus drive (Software developer role), the interview process had 5 rounds with questions getting difficult as you progress… Read More
Google India had released the applications for SWE Summer STEP Intern 2022 in November. There was a resume screening round initially. Once my resume was… Read More
Launchpad is a one-of-a-kind Internship program offered by Ekart, Flipkart’s supply chain arm and one of India’s largest e-commerce enterprises. It is an opportunity for… Read More
Groww came to our college (IIIT PUNE) for a 6-month internship program. The eligibility criteria for both CSE and ECE were 6.5 CGPA & above.… Read More
Round-1(75 min):  Question on Binary Search(minimizing the window length in a string type, similar questions available on practice. gfg). Given an array of length N… Read More
It was an off-campus opportunity. The application link was shared on LinkedIn by an Employee at Hashed In.   After filling out the form I… Read More
Morgan Stanley was one of the first organizations that arrived in our college for on-campus placement. Around 388 students from my university were shortlisted to… Read More
I am a student of B.Tech. (Computer Science )(2022) at JUET, Guna. Cognizant came to our campus for SDE following profiles (GenC-next ,GenC , GenC… Read More
Kristal Recruitment Team visited our campus in mid-February 2021 for the role of QA Summer Intern for pre-final year students. Initial Eligibility Criteria 60% or… Read More
Round 1 (Coding round): Graph DFS based question to find out a beautiful path in the graph where the beautiful path is a path having… Read More

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