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I’ve been selected for SWE intern at Microsoft’23 through Microsoft Engage Program. I went through two interviews i.e. Technical round and the AA round and… Read More
Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium Date – 20/09/2021 Round 1 – 45 mins: Introduction        Discussion about projects        Create a class of… Read More
I applied for the role of SDE Intern (6 Months) through Amazon WOW drive 2022. There were a total of 3 rounds (1 OA +… Read More
This problem was asked in the OA rounds of Gojek during my On-campus internship in 2022. The problem statement goes as follows: There are n… Read More
Fidelity Investments visited Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore in the month of September 2022 for the Summer Intern Role for 2023. The application for applying… Read More
About Company Barclays is a global British bank located in London, England. Barclays is divided into two divisions: Barclays UK and Barclays International, which are… Read More
Razorpay came for an Internship at our college by last of August. There was 1 Coding round, 2 Technical rounds, and 1 Managerial round. Coding… Read More
Arista Networks visited our campus in August 2021 for an internship. Round 1- Online Coding Round (Duration: 75 mins): Online test on HackerRank platform consisted… Read More
Amazon WOW is a program conducted by Amazon every year to hire final-year undergraduate female students for a 6-month internship. There were 3 rounds in… Read More
I am a student in the pre-final year. Additionally, Electride is a startup that was come to hire web developers with solid knowledge of javascript and… Read More
Silicon Labs mainly focus on IoT and embedded C Programming (Specific to ECE Branch). Silicon Labs visited our campus NIT Agartala for virtual onboarding for… Read More
Interview call at 9, reached by 9:30. First Technical Interview: The interview started at 12:30 and went on for about 30 mins. Met with HR… Read More
I interviewed with Deloitte for the position of Tech Consultant Intern. The Technical Interview lasted for around 40 minutes and was primarily resume-driven. Technical interviews… Read More
Coding Round (Round 1): Duration: 1hr 30min: The coding round was conducted on the Codility platform. It contained a total of 3 questions from the… Read More
DXC Technology came to our campus around the beginning of July 2022. I participated in the Recruitment process through the college drive. It provided a… Read More

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