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I gave the Goldman Sachs interview this year in June. The whole process took 2 weeks. I had 3 rounds on a single day and… Read More
Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. I’m sharing my experience with Paypal.  Round 1(HackerEarth Test): 2 questions 1.5 hrs Based on 2D array… Read More
Round 1(Machine Coding-2 hours): The first round was machine coding round, the problem statement was to create a online food ordering system with various features.… Read More
Technical Round(1 hr): C++ problems asked in this round C++ Output-Based problems: C++ class Base{     public:     Base(){         cout<<"base called ";     } };    class Derived{… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): MCQ’s Round 2:  Design LRU cache  and write the code and the operation complexity must be O(1) API Management tools  How can… Read More
I applied on Instahyre and shared my resume. HR called me and setup the whole process. HR was very helpful throughout the whole process.  … Read More
I applied through LinkedIn for Application Developer-Consultant. Got a call from HR  almost after 2-3weeks, the HR took the details like expected CTC and relevant… Read More
Round-1(Online Coding Round): The recruiter sent me the link for the test on Monday and asked me to complete it by Tuesday if I wanted… Read More
Round 1[Technical]: Given two independent processes P1, P2. P1 creates an array of size say n. It now waits, and suppose P2 starts, if it… Read More
College: Tier 2 Institute Date of Offer: June 2021 Previous Experience: 1 yr (approx) experience in Product based organizations Mode: Recruiter reached out me on… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding – 30 mins discussion on problem statement, 3hrs to implement, another 1 – 1.5 hrs discussion on solution, with test cases.… Read More
Online Coding Round: N factories are producing pollution. Given pollution amount in terms of integers. Count mini. no. of filters required to reduce total pollution… Read More
 I received an email from a recruiter to schedule the virtual interviews. The recruiter informed me that each round would be an elimination round, meaning… Read More
Round 1: LLD: Design a vehicle rental system. Should be able to design extendible system and code should be compilable and executable and meet the… Read More
Technical Round 1(1 hr): Interviewer tried to know how I gained experience in C/C++, what kind of work has been done in C/C++, my major… Read More